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  • Giuliano Resce

11 - 12 maggio 2017

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PROMETHEE Days 2017. Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth, UK.


  • Nicola Caravaggio

4 novembre 2016

The challenge of hydro-power as a sustainable development alternative: Benefits and controversial effects in the case of the Brazilian Amazon (Caravaggio, N., Costantini, V., Iorio, M., Monni, S. and Paglialunga, E.)

28° annual EAEPE Conference: Industrialisation, socio-economic transformation and Institutions. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manhester, United Kingdom.


  • Giuliano Resce

20 - 21 ottobre 2016

How does Economic, Social and Cultural Status affect the efficiency of educational attainments? A comparative analysis on PISA results (Resce, G.)

4th Workshop on the Efficiency in Education. Politecnico di Milano, School of Management, Milan, Italy.


  • Luigi Salvati

20 ottobre 2016

Theoretical Shortcomings of the Neo-Kaleckian Investment Function (Salvati, L.)

INET Plenary: Piercing Together a Paradigm. Budapest, Hungary.

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