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Working papers

Anno 2013

ISSN 2279-6916
Working papers (Dipartimento di Economia dell'Università di Roma Tre) - online

Gaetano Bloise
The Structure of competitive equilibrium with unsecured debt
W. P. n. 187

Francesca Petrarca
Non-metric PLS path modeling: integration into the labour market of sapienza graduates
W.P. n. 186

Antonio Cortese
Il trasferimento forzato di popolazione dopo la guerra greco-turca del 1921-1922 e il suo impatto sul paese ellenico
W.P. n. 185

Federico Benassi - Alessia Naccarato
Administrative boundaries and homogeneous areas with respect to demographic features of resident population in Tuscany
W.P. n. 184

Giuseppe Ciccarone - Francesco Giuli - Enrico Marchetti
Imperfect rationality, macroeconomic equilibrium and price rigidities
W.P. n. 183

Giovanni Scarano
Capital accumulation and technical conditions along sustainable growth paths
W. P. n. 182

Giovanni Scarano
Quantity theory, Say's law and effective demand in money theories
W. P. n. 181

Maria Cipollina - Luca De Benedictis - Luca Salvatici - Claudio Vicarelli
A note on dummies for policies in gravity models: a Montecarlo experiment
W.P. n. 180

Mauro Rota - Luca Spinesi
At the Onset of the original capital accumulation
W.P. n. 179

Aline Pennisi - Agnese Sacchi
Is direct democracy a problem or a promise for fiscal outcomes? The case of the United States
W.P. n. 178

Carlo D. Mottura - Luca Passalacqua
Default dependence structure effects on the valuation of government guarantees
W.P. n. 177

Valeria Costantini - Giorgia Sforna
Do bilateral commercial relationships influence the distribution of CDM projects?
W.P. n. 176

Francesco Burchi - Chiara Gnesi
A review of the literature on well-being in Italy: A human development perspective
W.P. n. 175

Flaminia Musella - Paola Vicard
Object -oriented bayesian networks for complex quality management problems
W.P. n. 174

Pasquale Tridico
Italy: From Economic Decline to the Current crisis
W.P. n. 173

Salvatore Monni - Massimo Pallottino
Beyond growth and development: Buen Vivir as an alternative to current paradigms
W.P. n. 172

Sebastiano Fadda
Economic Policy, institutions, democracy and all that in times of crisis
W.P. n. 171

Raffaele Lagravinese - Habin Lee - Francesco Moscone - Eliza Tosetti
The impact of air pollution on Hospital admissions: Evidence from Italy
W.P. n. 170


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