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Working papers

Anno 2011

Valeria Costantini -  Alessio D'Amato  - Chiara Martini -  Maria Cristina Tommasino - Edilio Valentini  - Mariangela Zoli
Taxing international emission trading
W.P. n. 143

Agnese Sacchi - Simone Salotti
Income inequality, regional disparities, and fiscal decentralization in industrialized countries
W.P. n. 142

Massimiliano Corradini – Valeria Costantini – Susanna Mancinelli – Massimiliano Mazzanti
Environmental and innovation performance in a dynamic impure public good framework
W.P. n. 141

Francesco Crespi - Cristiano Antonelli
Matthew effects and R&D subsidies: knowledge cumulability in high-tech and low-tech industries
W.P. n. 140

Flaminia Musella
Learning a bayesian network from ordinal data
W.P. n. 139

Giorgio D'Agostino - Margherita Scarlato
Innovation, Growth and Quality of life: a theoretical model and  an estimate for the Italian Regions
W.P. n. 138

Francesco Ruscitti
A new approach to the envelope theorem
W.P. n. 137

Alessandro Antimiani  - Valeria Costantini - Chiara Martini - Luca Salvatici - Maria Cristina Tommasino
Cooperative and non-cooperative solutions to carbon leakage
W.P. n. 136

Valeria Costantini - Paolo Liberati
Technology transfer, institutions and development
W.P. n. 135

Alessandro Antimiani - Anna Carbone - Valeria Costantini - Roberto Henke
Agri-food exports and the enlarged european union
W.P. n. 134

Luca Pieroni - Giorgio D'Agostino
Corruption and the effects of economic freedom
W.P. n. 133

Riccardo Crescenzi - Fabrizio De Filippis - Fabio Pierangeli
Synergies and conflicts between EU policies and the objective of territorial cohesion
W.P. n. 132

Fabio Fiorillo – Agnese Sacchi
On Local  Environmental Protection
W.P. n. 131

Pasquale Tridico
Global imbalances, declining hegemony and the need for a new global governance
W.P. n. 130

Pasquale Tridico
Varieties of Capitalism and responses to the Financial Crisis: the European Social Model versus US Model
W.P. n. 129

Saverio Maria Fratini
The Hicks-Malinvaud average period of production and ‘marginal productivity’: a critical assessment
W.P. n. 128

Alessandra Carleo – Carlo Domenico Mottura
The mathematical framework underlying the “scenarios” approach for derivate transactions by Italian local authorities
W.P. n. 127

Antonella Mennella
Informal social networks, organised crime and local labour market
W.P. n. 126

Silvia Nenci – Pierluigi Montalbano
Trade patterns and trade clusters: China, India, Brazil and South Africa in the global trading
W.P. n. 125

 Eleonora Pierucci – Luigi Ventura
On International Risk Sharing and Financial globalization: some gloomy evidence



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